Special Set LARSEN Plain A, D and LARSEN Magnacore G, C

This is a special set pairing LARSEN Plain A & D with LARSEN Magnacore G & C.


Combo Pack includes:

  • A String - Stainless steel over steel

  • D String - Stainless steel over steel 

  • Magnacore G string - steel core with high grade Tungsten 

  • Magnacore C string - steel core with high grade Tungsten 

LARSEN Cello Strings are made of solid steel core.  They produce a unique warm tone that is combined with great projection and rapid tuning stability.  Larsen A and D strings are among the most popular and widely used strings due to it's outstanding quality and playability.  

The latest innovation from Larsen - The LARSEN Magnacore strings have an incredibly warm and focused sound. They feature a plethora of overtones, tremendous volume and excellent responsiveness even in the softest dynamic level.  The break-in time is at an absolute minimum.

All strings are in 4/4 Size with Medium Gauge and all Ball End  

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