Scott Cao Violin Model STV 850

$ 1,650.00

Copy of famous instrumnet Il Cannone. Bosnian maple, Italian spruce, Indian ebony fingerboard. Hill style boxwood fittings. Built and varnished in Guangzhou by award-winning makers.

*Case and bow sold separately.  All cases and bows20% off with the purchase of any new instruments(Available in-store only)


    About Scott Cao Violins

    Instruments made in the GuangZhou workshop are made by prize-winning luthiers under the supervision of Scott Cao. Instruments made by shop luthiers feature excellent tone, choice wood, quality varnish and superior craftsmanship. They are available in several grades and sizes. Every piece of our instrument is completely hand carved. The meticulous graduation of the top and back reward the player with a powerful and refined tone. Each instrument is individually hand made displaying the skillful work of a master violin maker. 


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