Gewa Violin Cases


Originally founded in 1925, GEWA Music is an international leader in the manufacturing of instrument cases and bags. GEWA cases and bags are devised, designed, developed and initially built and tested in Adorf/Vogtland. The production in the German workshop in Adorf or in the factory in China under German supervision reflects GEWA’s quality standards. Countless patents are registered under the GEWA name that prove the level of detail and care that GEWA invests into each case. These include the GEWA Swivel bow holder, the GEWA neck support, the Jaeger shape and many more. The diligent selection of materials and exceptional craftsmanship allow these cases to last a lifetime. Some of the more popular GEWA violin cases offered by Resonance Violins include GEWA Bio, GEWA Pure and GEWA Air.

Manufacturer: Gewa

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