CODA BOW Coda Diamond SX Viola Bow

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The CodaBow Diamond SX™ Carbon Fiber viola bow offers premium performance for professionals. Sophisticated and reliable, the SX is the ideal "touring" bow for every professional artist and teacher. Available in full size. Hancrafted in the USA Additional features: Round carbon graphite stick with Kevlar core Silver mounted ebony frog with engraved Coda Sign Silver winding and Moroccan leather grip Limited 10-Year Warranty - Activate warranty on manufacture's website HISTORY behind CodaBow: Early prototypes of the CodaBow were born in the attic laboratory of a dormant liniment factory in Winona, Minnesota. Among the hand-blown flasks and graduated cylinders, we began gathering our ingredients. Some of our ingredients - graphite fiber technology - were new to bowmaking. All the rest were ingredients as old as bowmaking itself: a passion for the art; a dedication to the science; and an uncompromising commitment to performance. Communities of devoted players, professional teachers, master bowmakers and leading scientists also shared our dream and contributed their collective experience. The result is the CodaBow Family of Premier Performance Bows for violin, viola, cello, and bass. Today, the proven performance of CodaBows stretches worldwide. From the most revered stages of Europe to the recording studios of Hollywood, and from the recital halls of Asia to the quiet solitude of practice rooms everywhere, CodaBows have become a respected reality far beyond the borders of the quiet Minnesota community that spawned the original dream. CodaBow's accomplishments have captured the hearts and minds of musicians everywhere. source:

Manufacturer: CODA BOW

CODA BOW Coda Diamond SX Viola Bow

SKU:  ae00-5801^BACDSX
Product  BACDSX
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