Pernambuco Bass Bows

  • ARCOS Brasil Pernambuco Bass Bows
    ARCOS Brasil Pernambuco Bass Bows

    Arcos Brasil’s bows are handcrafted with aged Brazilian Pernambuco wood by highly trained bowmakers. Arcos Brasil was founded in 1995 with the intent to offer higher standards in the bow market, and their bows reflect this goal. A variety of models and finishes are available for advancing students-professional players. Bass bows range from $1000-$3000

    Model: BBARCOS
    Manufacturer: ARCOS
  • Resonance Pernambuco Bass Bow
    Resonance Pernambuco Bass Bow

    The Resonance Pernambuco bass bows are hand-crafted by skilled bow makers in China with authentic Brazilian Pernambuco wood and Mongolian horse hair. They feature excellent flexibility, response and balance. These are a perfect upgrade for intermediate students. Each bow is priced individually from $695-$1500.

    Model: 400
    Manufacturer: Resonance